Throughout my life, there’s always been two teams I’ve followed closely – Arsenal and Cardiff City. I’ve supported Arsenal since I was a boy and Cardiff since my mother said I was allowed.

Living in South Wales meant it was always unlikely that I’d be watching Arsenal at Highbury/Emirates and ever since Cardiff moved from Ninian Park/rebranded I’ve become disillusioned with modern football, instead choosing to watch from the comfort of my own living room, like many other football fans out there.

So in June 2016 I started The Armchair Supporter blog and this was mainly based on my inability or lack of enthusiasm to watch from the stands.

Since then, things have taken a real twist and I’ve probably watched more live football during the past 6 months than I have in my lifetime due to a little non-league club called Merthyr Town which is a 15 minute drive from my house. In fact, I’ve probably watched Merthyr more in the last 4 months than I’ve watched Cardiff in the past 4 years!

My passion for football has been revitalised due to the magic of the Martyrs and I’ve even already been in contact about a season ticket for next year.

It seemed like a good idea to change the name of the blog because it felt like I was defeating the object but rather than change it, I’ve always been a fan of sarcasm and irony so the blog shall remain The Armchair Supporter – after all, I can still watch Arsenal from the armchair anyway!